Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Being extreme

May be some of you already know all about Converge. It's an extreme hardcore american band, and I am an absolute fan. As their front man, Jacob Bannon, said once in an interview :
For people not familiar with our music, they may not be able to differentiate these things, but they would if they listened with the right ears. It's not trashy noise and it's certainly not rage for rage's sake. It's about learning to coexist and combat the issues at hand. It's about becoming a better person. This is part of that path for me as it is for all of us in some way. Some may call it predictable, but I call it therapy. It's the foundation of what abrasive music is.

For Christmas, I bought You Fail Me, one of their best albums, for one of my cousins (they are two amazing girls, this one loves punk, hardcore and all that stuff). She quickly put the CD on the stereo, and strangely, my mother, who was there, said she liked the sound (don't laugh, she normally highly prefer classical music, and she is not deaf - so maybe I should start to bother).

Trust me, this is not middle of the road metal (like so many bands now), this is some really extreme stuff; and I don't think it can qualify as emo (I don't like emo). May be you will not like it, but go to this site, and make your own opinion.

P.S.: It is said that their gigs are so crazy that it can be scary. Also Jacob Bannon does himself the artwork of their albums, he has a very distinctive (if a bit depressing) style.

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