Monday, 15 January 2007

Not finished yet

One more post about The Fountain. And first, another picture, of course not saying too much (if you want real spoilers, go here).

What does this picture represent ? A Christian ride bathed in a fantastic pre-Christian sunset ? The path for some burning pagan revenge ? The seek for the last golden truth ?
Maybe not so far away from this last one, but still, this is so simple at the end, so simple that maybe there is no need to seek ?

But first, consider your death.

Now you're asking yourself if I've suddenly become insane, and what about this movie in the first place ? Maybe you will now avoid The Fountain for the next fifty times you'll go to the cinema.

Don't make such a mistake. I assure you, you will understand what I'm saying.

And : this movie just shows you possible directions to the story. This movie gives you the freedom to write your own ending.

Trust me, this is so rare you must take the risk.

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