Saturday, 31 May 2008

Is it really Gaahl on Twitter ?

thanks Head Øv Metal ;-)

There's a Twitter account seemingly run by Gaahl himself. Is it a fake ?

However, these posts made my day:
Dear South American tour venues: just because we are all about satan and hell doesn't mean you shouldn't turn on the AC during our shows.

Packing for tour. I really should think of getting spiked armor and crosses made of a more lightweight material.. this shit is heavy

Lots of people staring at me today. it's like they have never seen a seven foot corpse-painted man with spiked shinguards buy groceries.

well, gorgoroth is hitting the road soon for a long euro tour. so, can anyone feed my cats, goats, pigs, cows & chickens while i am away?

Sorry i haven't twittered in a few days. a giant bear chewed through my generator lines and i could not fix it till he left. bears>satan

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Canonisation of the Foul Spirit

You have the general idea here:

It seems that the gig with Hell Militia in Moscow (yes, for a French Black Metal band !!) was pure evil...

Remember the bloody rags, remember the sores...
Hell Militia - Hell Sukkubus

Hell Militia

Hell Militia

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Black Metal is Rising

This is the name of the next Black Metal gig in Paris, at La Locomotive. Half a 8 hours of Black Metal and dark movies ;-)

The bands (all Black, of course):

Sorry, I could not resist... I'm not an Antichrist, I just don't think he existed at all. Or maybe in another dimension...

Sunday, 4 May 2008

No matter what, never stop to shoot...

...until they have eaten you alive...

If you did not see REC before, you really should NOW.!!! Run to your nearest cinema. The less you will see on the screen, the more you will be scared he he !!

The scene in this trailer is not in the movie.

Update: I can't resists to quote This blog review: The best horror film of the year (along with The Orphanage) possesses the decadence of Baudelaire’s darkest poems, Edgar Poe’s morbid imaginings and H.P. Lovecraft’s nauseous world, its musty smell concealing decaying abominations.. Let's finish by saying that the end of the movie is really, really leaving to its promise, and does not suffer from the comparison with Lovecraft’s supernatural horrors !!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

An interesting video

This is an interesting interview of Peter Beste, who photographed a lot the Norwegian Black Metal culture.
See here

The video shows some amazing pictures of Gaahl 1349, Frost, etc... Judging by this video, we can strongly link the Norwegian Black Metal scene to Norwegian nature and surroundings (For example, Gaahl seems to live in the small farm in the middle of nowhere in Norway).

Link found on King's myspace page

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Militant Antrichrist Tour 2008

Yes I was there !!! It was the first time I could see Arkhon Infaustus live. They are really Black, really extreme !!!

Angels of sickness

He that sees darkness in light

Servants for no God

The gig was with AngelCorpse, with support from the French Black Metal band Temple Of Baal and the Canadian band Revenge.

Temple of Baal

I'm very happy to be able to see them again at the next Hellfest, in June.

And my Friends, they are even better now than when this video was recorded, in 2006:

And now, a not entirely different subject: The French Death Metal band Eye of Emptiness released their first album (autoproduction): Insignificant Humanity. You should check their songs on their myspace page. There's really a lot of work in it and it's really, really good.