Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The Desert Island Challenge

Shamelessly copying jimini, I also uploaded 24 album covers for the Desert Island Challenge on flickr.
Musical Pantheon ?
OK, here is my list :

  • Franck Black : Teenager of the Year. In my opinion, his best album as Franck Black, and maybe even better than his pixies albums (don't throw garbage at me, please...)

  • Rachid Taha : Made in Medina

  • Primal Scream : XTRMNTR

  • Asian Dub Foundation : R.A.F.I

  • PIL : Metal Box. With this, I don't have to add Never mind the Bollocks...)

  • Miles Davis : Jack Johnson. Yes, I also like jazz music (or maybe Miles Davis music, who knows ?)

  • Sonic Youth: Experimental Jet Set, trash and No Star

  • Lou Reed : New York. The dark side, AIDS, Latino gangs, etc...

  • The Beastie Boys : hello nasty

And now, some more extreme stuff :

  • Ministry : Filth Pig. Fans tend to dislike this one, I don't know why...

  • Lars frederiksen and the Bastards : Rancid leader remembers his early years (it is punk at its best)

  • The Stooges : Fun House !!!!!!!!!!

  • Cursed : One

  • Slayer : Reign in Blood

  • Atari Teenage Riot : 60 seconds Wipeout.

  • Aes Dana : Formors. Excellent French Celtic Black Metal band

  • Destroyer 666 : Phoenix Rising : Yes it is Death Metal, but if you hear it without preconceived ideas you will find that good Death metal is not about noise, but about music (OK, loud enough !!)

  • Venom : Black Metal

  • Unleashed : Where No Life Dwells

  • Converge : You Fail Me

  • Vorkreist : Sublimation XXIXa : Excellent French Death Metal band

  • Satyricon : Now, Diabolical.

  • Carpathian Forest : Fuck You All !!

  • Helmet : Born Annoying

There are so many more albums I would have liked to put here, but there was only room for 24. I will still be able to blog about them.

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