Sunday, 20 July 2008

Wow there's no way to be disappointed !!! The Converge show was really a killer !!




NO wonder that Jacob Bannon has to stretch himself before the show !! They are insanely fast and really, really "hard". Also it seems that they put all their life in the show. Of course they are not the only ones, but it's good to see that !!!

And it turns out that I will also see them Monday in Paris. Why ? Hmm, I had to go to the States by this time (for work), but it was canceled. The reason is entirely personal. I had problems with what could very much be a tampered cash machine on thursday. I then had no more credit card, no more cheques (what a coincidence), and approx. 20 euros of cash. Difficult to go to a country were you have to pay for your hotel, rental car, restaurants and stuff like that, considering that you can do nothing without a credit card, even if you had some cash...

However, I was able to secure some cash yesterday, but it was not easy... Enough to eat and drink for a few days, and even pay for the Converge show in Paris (which is not very expensive, as you could imagine).

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Not failing

Tomorrow I'm off to London for the Converge show.

Why do you go to London to see them, when they are coming to Paris in one week ? No I'm not crazy (hmm maybe a little, but not so much). It turns out that I will be on a plane heading to the States on Monday 21st. And I only saw them on Hellfest last year. I want to see them performing once in a small venue, like the Underworld (Camden, of course). I want to see Jacob Bannon's Tattoos close. I want to go deaf by their raging hardcore (hmm no, maybe not this one).


More on that later folks.

Doomed to Walk the Earth as Slaves of the Living Dead

Last Saturday I came back home by foot, on a dark night, after having seen Night of the Living Dead, the matrix from where all horror films came out. There's funny stories about this movie. For example, their distributor forgot to put a copyright indication on the movie, and it soon fell in the public domain. You can download hordes of disgusting zombies for free, and more, you can do it legally !!! Or almost all the parts are played by pals of Romero. The little girl who (which ?) eat her father and stabs her mother to death was really their daughter in real-life. Some actors also were the producers of the movie, and they also performed the "special effects" (mortician wax for the zombies, etc...) themselves. etc...

Still... When returning home, I was listening to Carpathian Forest's Morbid Fascination of Death album. You already know the title of the song, and I swear it really was a coincidence.

Stop being so humble
Stop showing remorse
Cut it off
The hands that feed the blind
Can you move?
With those holy chains

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Some Hellfest pictures

It was difficult to go back to reality after this ;-) Hope it was not too difficult for my Japanese (metalheads) friends Dai and Kyoko, who took the plane from Osaka to France (more than 12 hours, plus connexions) just for the festival (I don't forget Aki, who show me such evil pictures of her with Frost, Attila, Necrobutcher, or E). Dai also made amazing pictures from the main stage, he should put them on the net ;-) !!!!

Want some pictures now ?
Mortuus from Marduk, of course !! DOn't you think he announce times of Hell:
Black Metal War Machine
The duo with Allan from Primordial was amazing !!

Kvarforth (Shining) was scary !!
But as usual, the black legions of Watain spread so much evil.
Ashes of my Fallen Temple

(this is only some of the pictures I took there, the whole set is here)