Monday, 8 January 2007

Some Death

OK, now I have updated the blog main page a little, there is now a little blog roll on the left, and linked properly to my myspace page. Enough for tonight...

Still, I can't resist to link to a video of the band Death Breath, found on absolutnoise, a blog about Swedish rock music (sadly the blogger does not like metal so much). For once the Zombie is the real star. I would not like to smell his - or its - foul breath, but of course it's all about it ;-).

Death Breath - Death Breath (video)


Milambre said...


Quite a good video! I had a good laugh watching it. They're right when they write on the cover of the album "Stinking up the night".


mithrandir said...

Right, its exactly that !! Contrary to what a lot of people think, Death Metal can be funny too !!

And : Say Thankee Sai, for the first comment on this blog !!!

Hails to you too !!