Sunday, 28 January 2007

Good Job !!

Death metal will always rule !!

A short explanation :
wikipedia administrators tend to be very conservative regarding criteria for adding articles about bands. Not that I blame them, because as anybody with an account can begin a new article, surely any day tons of articles on micro-subjects are created (why not an article about my local supermarket, for example ?).

But this attitude is sometimes annoying, as it is difficult to create new articles about underground bands which are not deleted a short time afterwards. And trust me, you have to provide a LOT of facts to undelete them...

One month ago, I created an article about the American Death metal band Job for a Cowboy. I didn't knew somebody else tried to create the very same article one year before. The previous article was deleted because the band seemed not to comply with wikipedia's Notability criteria. Of course, my new creation was deleted too.

To undelete an article in wikipedia (in this case, to overturn a previous deletion), you need to achieve a consensus in a sort-of formal process. With some other Death metal fans, we were able to achieve this !!

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