Sunday, 14 January 2007

Finish it

Last Friday, following an advice from one of my friends (thanks Milambre), I saw The Fountain, the last Darren Aronofsky movie. As usual, I managed to go to the cinema at the last moment before the beginning of the screening (I almost expected not to see the beginning, which would have been a problem, especially for this one).

I stepped in the (small) movie theater, and after a few minutes, its beginning... was utterly unexpected. My friend said that seeing this movie was like experimenting dying, then rebirth, and yes it is so true (this is a painful process). Lets say that all the movie feels like the last thoughts of someone dying (NOT A SPOILER there, I only say that it feels like it, not that this is the end of it). There are three stories entangled together, each at a different period, and seemingly not related, but it ends that they all tell the same story of love and death. This is also a story about story telling itself.

This is not a mainstream movie, but this is a movie that says a lot about its director, and well about you too as a viewer. It is risky, it is uncompromising, but trust me : it is worth seeing.

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