Sunday, 30 September 2007

Insane Beautiful Sunnyday Slaughter

The Week-end in London was great !!

Friday was for resting before the storm... Just watched The Bourne Ultimatum in Leicester square. I always like movies by Paul Greengrass. OK, this movie is a blockbuster, but a blockbuster shot with style. Greengrass is the one who made Bloody Sunday and United 93, remember ? All his movies, even his two Bourne's installments, look as documentaries...

Saturday was the Asphyx show, with Unpure and Razor of Occam, in Brixton. It was great, but unfortunately I decided not to go to the after party show (which was not so close from there, in Camden), because I had the flu, and I had to attend to another gig the next night...).

The next day, it was Gallhammer with Unearthly Trance and Ramesses. The London trip was initially to see Gallhammer on stage, and I was not disappointed !! They are really wild and scary on stage. They are also wild when they are in the public, he he ;-)

Mika Penetrator:
Eye to Eye contact
Vivian Slaughter:
Dark Queen

Gallhammer play Black Metal mixed with parts of Doom, and even Crust Punk, but mainly they sound Black. Sometimes critics say that their sound is overly simple, and that their growling vocals are to "growly". People do not know what they want !! They are great !!

I haven't uploaded the Asphyx pics, but I have some Gallhammer footage here.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Week-end in London

Starting tomorrow (hmm, no, today), I will be in London for four days (going back to Paris next Monday).

I will attend to my own little metal festival (Black and Death ONLY):


FEAR Gallhammer:

Here listen to the first measures...

Unearthly Trance:

Thursday, 20 September 2007

HA Ha Ha!!!! Death to you all !!!!

Team Fortress 2 Beta has gone Live. For those who bought the Orange Box online ;-)

I solve practical problems.
..and you best hope...not pointed at you...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The difference between...

This week-end was the European Heritage Days. For those of you who don't live in Europe, you can visit for free a lot of monuments and sites that are usually closed to the public.

I decided to visit the Musée Dupuytren, a little place full of specimens illustrating various malformations and diseases. It's really interesting, but don't go there if you're gone to have a baby, you will end having nightmares... Also now I know from were Chucky comes from ;-)

I also wanted to see the gardens of the French National Library. They are huge but closed to the public. Hmm, they are not opened on Heritage Days. But I saw these globes in the library (they were a gift to Louis XIV, their diameter is approx. 4 m, and they weight more than 2 tons):
Vincenzo Coronelli globes
Cool, uh ?

Let's say that I experienced one more time some of the difference between Japan and France:

First when entering the building, a woman with he stroller could not pass through the revolving doors. The Security guard proposed her to go through another door, and when she thanked him for that, he answered: "Oh, I'm not doing that for you, I'm doing that for us"

Then when trying to exit the huge Chatelet subway station. My subway pass (valid for one month), refused to let me go, and ticket booths with people were nowhere to be seen (in Japan, there's always somebody at every exit). I finally found a Ticket controller who was randomly checking people in the station. And he gave me this ticket to allow me to pass though the gates:

In French Voyageur en Infraction means Traveler in Infraction.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Great Orders of Sterile Lunacy

Revolving round Axis, Bathing in the Lymph of Absurd Deities,
Led by an Empty Ghost
Breathless, Soulless,
Emptiness and Dust
Choking on Psalms of Utter Uselessness,
Choking on Psalms of Utter Uselessness
Heretics among Heretics,
Heretics among Heretics
Fallen priests draw the pictures,

Of Insane Gods in Minds that are surely soon to be Fucking Dead.

Credits to Vorkreist

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


No, I did not wait to go to Japan to see a LOT of Japanese movies. Do you know Kurosawa ? No, not this one, though seeing Ran was sort of a life-defining experience for me: the world was not the same after.

Did you hear about know Kiyoshi Kurosawa ? Did you saw Cure ? Were you frightened by Kairo (the Japanese J-Horror masterpiece, not the bad BAD BAD American remake Pulse) ?

OK, I saw Retribution last week. As for a lot of Kurosawa's movies, there's not a lot of action, there's no gore effects, there are some ghosts (who-or which, do few, except stating that they will always be there), and finally there's Japan as an exhausted no-man's land. Unsettling, and a bit morbid, all right, but GREAT !!! And great low-key performance from Koji Yakusho; maybe you will remember him from his role in Babel, but he is a regular of Kurosawa's movies. This time, it is about a policeman, who lives with a strangely absent beautiful young woman. He starts to think that he is maybe the one who killed the woman in red who we see strangled just at the beginning of the movie. Except that he does not remember a thing about that. Except that the ghost of the woman (or is she ?) start to haunt him all the time (doing few, but being scary, because she-or it does not really express the reason why she-or it is here). It appears that just being alive also means being guilty.

The second J-Horror movie I saw just yesterday is Reincarnation, by Takashi Shimizu, who is the one who made the horror series The Grudge. In this movie, a mad professor kills eleven people in a small hotel (including his young daughter and son), while filming all during the killings with a small camera. A lot of years later, a film director starts to make a movie about this story. Apart from its great endings (right through the very last frame, which is very disturbing, though in a purely intellectual way), apart from the beginnings in modern Tokyo (I recognized some of the places they used), this is for me a movie that deals with the power of cinema (some evil power, because it is horror, remember). Needless to say, this film is also scary !!

Monday, 10 September 2007

English wikipedia reach 2 million articles

Maybe you did not see it, be it that you never go to one of wikipedia sites, or you only go to the one of your language.
The English wikipedia has reach 2 million articles some hours ago !!! Cheers !!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Pest Pandemic Contamination

I was yesterday evening at the Paris Le Nouveau Casino concert for the Pest Pandemic Contamination tour. Great unpure night (he he), with three excellent Black Metal bands: Blacklodge, Vorkreist, and Horna.
I took some pics of the show, not all of them are uploaded for now, but some are already there.
Corvus from Horna.
The full set will be there.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Cool people in Takeshita-dori

Takeshita-dori is a small winding street, parallel to Omotesandō, were you can also find a lot of fashion boutiques. The difference is that in Takeshita-dori, a LOT of boutiques sell destroy or extreme Japanese clothes, vaguely in punk or gothic style, but above all Japanese style -which does not need that they sell kimonos). You can see a lot of people going up and down this street: foreigners (though really few of them, as there seems to be NEVER a lot of tourists in Tokyo, except when they are themselves Japanese), women in kimonos, and even young Japanese who try, buy, and wear these strange apparels...

As for all things Japanese, it's not just black T-shirts with regular skulls, or worse exhibition of a red filled circle with a text written on it that says: My brother went to Tokyo and all he bought to me is this lousy T-shirt (this is shit, and for one, I saw no souvenir shops AT ALL in Tokyo). It's... sometimes clothes like this one, with FETISHISM written on it:
Extreme clothes
or these ones, in elegant destroy style (the term is my invention):
Clothes on display, Takeshita Dori
You can also find plenty of the gigantic shoes Gothic girls seem to affectionate here:
Gothic shoes, Takeshita Dori

OK, I wanted to come back with a Tokyo-only shirt or T-shirt (beware of the Japanese sizes). I also bough a LOVELY necklace with skulls as beads, you should see it, it's cool ;-)
I went in one of these little shops. The woman in charge seemed to be 60 years old or so, with gray hair, and totally unremarkable clothes (I'm not saying they were ugly, they were just not at par with whatever was sold in the shop).
A Japanese punk girl with shaved head and with enormous platform shoes was just quitting the shop after trying some clothes. Conversation was at first entirely commercial and a bit dull, and when I was about to leave... she saw my own T-shirt (which I bought on sales in Paris some months ago, it is a Levi-s T-Shirt made by a Norwegian designer, if I remember well):

She was amazed by the drawings, the contrast between the skeleton at the left and the dark girl at the right. She said the drawing was beautiful ;-)
She tried to decipher the Land Of Dark text above, but it was difficult for her to even spell the letters (though she knew enough English to speak with me). I told her how I bought it, and then talk was on. I don't remember all of what we said, but we talked about Japan and Japanese culture, France, etc... At the end, she asked me to come back to see here in her shop if I come back to Tokyo ;-)
This could happen only in Japan ...

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Japan Japan Japan

Eh, eh, I was in Japan from August 3rd to August 16. In fact, you need one day to go back there - 12 hours of direct flight, and more than one day to go there (7 time zones from Paris).

Japan is great, and it is very very different from any European country you can know of. I'm sure it is also very different from any other Asian country too... It is hyper-modern (sometimes extremely), and at the same time it retains a very particular culture and traditions.
For example... when you go to the toilets in Ryokans, or even in some museums, you must use specific slippers, because toilets are considered as a dirty room.
Toilet slippers in a temple

But Japan is much more than that:
Kiyomizu-dera gate, Kyoto

You maybe have heard of CosPlay or Gothic Lolita girls. You will find a LOT of them in Japan, and not only in Tokyo Harajuku.
Gothic Lolitas, Harajuku
Here you will encounter people going to work in strict costume, people in kimonos,
On the Move
(or even more traditional than that...)
Man in traditional costume, Sensō-ji
young women wearing ultra-short skirts,
Yellow and pink is how they think
young boys and girls in school clothes,
Schoolgirls, Philosopher's Walk
and others in the Japanese version of Punk attire (which is not punk)
Young Japanese on Takeshita Dori
Here they seem to all live in harmony, as shrines can coexist with giant neon buildings.

No I'm not cheating

By the way, I've finished uploading my Japanese pics. More on Japan later... bet my friends and colleagues are fed up about Japan. I'm talking about it approx. 100 times a day ;-)
Young Japanese