Sunday, 1 March 2009

Vorkreist Sublimation XXIX A

Vorkreist is an excellent Death / Black Metal band from Paris. Their last (very good) album, Sublimation XXIX A, is from 2006, and they are preparing a new one which should appear in the following months I think.

I was pleased to see a short review of this album on the Black Metal Owns You blog. It reviews only Black Metal albums and gives the link to buy them, and often also the links to sharing sites which allow to download them.

You may think that giving links to these sharing sites is bad (though the maintainers of the blog never upload the files themselves, and they will remove links in case bands ask them to do it), but considering that it's sometimes impossible to get Black Metal albums, they are also giving access to some music that would otherwise stay unheard.

That said, here is what they write about Sublimation XXIXA:
In the continuity of "Sabbathical Flesh Possession", it delivers 9 works of brutal Death-Black Metal inspired by revulsion and deviance, in criminal, demonic dedication to the destruction of obsolete and pernicious humane values. Structures have been developed and aggressiveness improved along these distinct but definitely coherent tracks, the whole serving Vorkreist's vision of Hell and reality, opposed and entangled in each other.

If you can, buy it, I swear you will not regret, and if not... well you know what you are doing ;)

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