Monday, 16 March 2009

Gorgoroth is Infernus

You already know this: Infernus has won his trial against King and Gaahl for Gorgoroth name trademark. This is everywhere, but if you want the original, go there (sorry only in Norwegian, it is apparently the official result for this case given by the Oslo District Court.

I have no problem about Infernus gaining this fairly mundane trademark case, I am OK that he gain back the Gorgoroth name, but:

  • It does not erase the past, and the fact that the only performing band during all these troubled years was also named Gorgoroth (Gaahl and King after they fired Infernus), and in fact WAS Gorgoroth. During the same period Infernus band was in the process of constructing itself with new musicians - some coming from the first incarnation of the band, but it did not toured, did not perform in front of a public, and did not released any new material (Live in Grieghallen is a not so good hack on sessions that did not mean to be released, with Kings parts erased and replaced by Infernus)


  • Infernus (I know you don't give a fuck about me, and you may be right), if you want to gain my approval, lets release Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt this year, and please start touring sometime this year too; I swear I will go to see and hear you and your forces. But if you don't... for what's worth all of this?

  • Gaahl and King (and whatever infernal new name you will give to your band now): You were right to refuse to indulge further into court action, which can be endless. And people who saw you on stage during these years reckoned that you were a force to see on stage.

And one last thing: I really don't understand why the court wrote (English translation): In addition, the Court found that Infernus, as founder of the band, in this case could not be excluded; Thus Gaahl and King must be regarded as excluded of the band. What's this judiciary bullshit? Again I have no problem with the trademark thing, but the history is full of band founders that have been expelled by members who came after them, so I think that maybe this court seem not to understand music, rather than Black Metal only, very much.

And contrary to what I seem, I am NOT against Infernus !!

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