Thursday, 19 March 2009


This is the last post in date from Tom Gabriel Fischer, leader of defunct Black / Doom bands Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, and now of the new Triptykon, which music seems to grow really really dark and morbid. Really interesting. Can't wait to see them on stage !!!

Of course my own opinion is biased, and of course I am not really entitled to rate the results of our own work. But it is difficult not to emerge from our sessions at Triptykon's rehearsal bunker deeply intoxicated by the heaviness of the dark, overwhelming, and morbid miasma that is the riffs of "The Prolonging". Although the path towards completion is still significant, be it for this new song, its title and lyrics, or the album proper it will appear on, it all transpires as it should. It is as it has to be.

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