Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mnemonic Possession

Shining live tomorrow night ;) Beginning with two promising raw Norwegian Black Metal bands: and Koldbrann (the latter I'm listening in a loop for the moment).

But first let's say that I'm very happy with the live event on Friday. That was in the same venue as the one for Monday, the Glaz'art. There's only very few Metal shows there, but it's really OK, the sound is good, it's small but not too small, and the staff is friendly enough. One of my friends is a fan of the French Brutal Death band Kronos. I came there trusting his judgment and basically thinking "Why not ?". It was really a great set !! (apart from the bands coming before them, who were not bad, but neither were enthralling).


And now, what about some Black Metal news? I just stumbled today on the Averse Sefira "official" blog (I think it's mainly written by Wrath, but I'm not sure). The last December posts are about his/their trip to Scandinavia, meeting with such interesting people and bands as Gorgoroth, Pantheon I, Deströyer 666, and a memorable moment at Watain bunker in Stockholm.
Watain Bunker. Watain prepared for their 10th year anniversary show, and as a true raw Black Metal band, this preparation did involve very special treats (and not sweets): Friday, 12.5.08, Watain bunker, Stockholm – It smells bad down here. Really bad. Watain is gearing up for their 10th anniversary show tomorrow and they are stepping up the offal to match the occasion. They removed most of the actual offending pieces, but there's still a lot of grue-covered skulls everywhere, and there is no real ventilation at all..

And later: I smell. I smell like zombie vomit. I smell like I shit my pants and then died. I smell like Watain. The creeping red odor of the bunker has attached itself to my hair, skin, clothes, and everything else I own. (...). I have become an unwitting harbinger of Watain in my journey to Uppsala; (...). I think this is the true nature of death – alternately absurd and terrifying in equal measures. People on this train car are starting to freak out.

Maybe this is part of what motivates Watain; they come from a place where everyone is shiny, groomed, and good-looking, and they factor that into their rejection of the world at large. To be an odious freak in America is commonplace, but here it is a statement. All I know is that they are the antithesis of what I see in the people of Sweden.

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