Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Of Beatings and the Silence in Between

I just bought today the last album from a Norwegian Death Metal band called Chtonian, I must confess I never heard about them before. Did you ? Turned out that they started in 1999, but were for the main part comatose, as said on their web site, the three musicians playing separately in different projects. They went back to work in 2005, made a first demo in 2006, and then this first album in September 2006, which was distributed in the end of August of this year (!!) here.

This Death / Black album maybe short in length, (OK, more Death than Black, or maybe Black masked as Death, who knows), but still it is very good in my point of view. They obviously like speed but they don't always favor it over music, and this album remains extremely "catchy" (if not melodic).

Try it out (you have some samples on their website).

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