Sunday, 13 January 2008

Diary of the Dead

I'm sure you already know that Diary of the Dead, George Romero's next Living Dead movie will be released in February.

Land of the Dead was very good !! I really look forward to this next movie !! Plus if you really, REALLY, REALLY wanted to shoot gory movies for a long, long time, now is your lucky day ;-) There's a contest on the myspace page for the movie for its future release on DVD (so you have time to apply !!): Shoot a short horror movie, send it to Romero, and if he appreciate it, it will maybe be on the DVD !! All this could be the beginning of an horror movie. I'm already seeing the script a la Ring ;-)

And now, in a (not) entirely new area: Metal.
Here are some interesting events in Paris in January (don't know if I will attend to ALL of them, but they all sound interesting):

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