Sunday, 13 May 2007

Some days in London

I was in London for 3 days at the beginning of last week (just after the French presidential elections). There was some light rain, but it is part of the fun in England, isn't it ?

I always like to go there for a few days each year, I like this city. But I choose this particular week because of the Zyklon gig at the Underworld on May 8.

You know that Zyklon was formed by Samoth and Trym, formerly in Emperor. Also they were supported by Dead Beyond Buried, an U.K. Death metal band, and Blood Tsunami (with Faust, also formerly in Emperor, as drummer). The gig was very good !!

I made a LOT of pictures of the show, more on that later when I have time to upload some of them on my flickr account. But for the moment, just a short teaser (a picture taken in Camden Town, this is typical):

Goth stack in Camden Town

And also, here is a little (rather old, and not taken in Underworld) clip of Zyklon:

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