Thursday, 17 May 2007

Oh my god, who touched Sacha ?

Video games are going a long way toward...virtual life, maybe... this is a little scary, isnt' it ? And I am not speaking here of all of these MMORPG (which I don't like very much, I confess).

Look at this trailer for the upcoming Valve's multiplayer's FPS Team Fortress 2. Does it not reminds you The Incredibles, except we are here in a shooter, and the hero is not an incredible superhero, he is an incredibly powerful and dangerous madman.

This trailer is already better than computer-animated movies, and they say it is real-time in-game rendering. GPUs can now do that ?

Look at that:

Some people think they can outsmart me, hmm, maybe..., maybe...
I've yet too meet one that can outsmart BULLET.

Update: This is maybe scary for movie moguls too. See this article on the L.A. times, The movie magic is gone. People now want to be their own heros, and it seems that movies does not provide them with that any more. At bit extreme ? Maybe... maybe...

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