Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Hell Militia, Archgoat, and Black Witchery

Folks, I've gone to a f*** great Black Metal gig last friday at La Scène Bastille (Paris this time, eh, eh !!).

Hell Militia is a great band (never saw them on stage before). They are also scary and ooze evilness, and of course this is completely intentional !!!

I took some pictures of the gig. Maybe you want to see some sample before diving in.
Hell Militia - Hell Sukkubus.
Are you scared yet ?

OK, you are big boys and girls now. Try this one:
Hell Militia

OK, the whole set is here.

Want to hear some ? Beware, this is only a feeble youtube copy of this another kind of Mass (sort of), only the REAL THING is better.

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