Sunday, 4 May 2008

No matter what, never stop to shoot...

...until they have eaten you alive...

If you did not see REC before, you really should NOW.!!! Run to your nearest cinema. The less you will see on the screen, the more you will be scared he he !!

The scene in this trailer is not in the movie.

Update: I can't resists to quote This blog review: The best horror film of the year (along with The Orphanage) possesses the decadence of Baudelaire’s darkest poems, Edgar Poe’s morbid imaginings and H.P. Lovecraft’s nauseous world, its musty smell concealing decaying abominations.. Let's finish by saying that the end of the movie is really, really leaving to its promise, and does not suffer from the comparison with Lovecraft’s supernatural horrors !!

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