Thursday, 1 May 2008

Militant Antrichrist Tour 2008

Yes I was there !!! It was the first time I could see Arkhon Infaustus live. They are really Black, really extreme !!!

Angels of sickness

He that sees darkness in light

Servants for no God

The gig was with AngelCorpse, with support from the French Black Metal band Temple Of Baal and the Canadian band Revenge.

Temple of Baal

I'm very happy to be able to see them again at the next Hellfest, in June.

And my Friends, they are even better now than when this video was recorded, in 2006:

And now, a not entirely different subject: The French Death Metal band Eye of Emptiness released their first album (autoproduction): Insignificant Humanity. You should check their songs on their myspace page. There's really a lot of work in it and it's really, really good.

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