Saturday, 31 May 2008

Is it really Gaahl on Twitter ?

thanks Head Øv Metal ;-)

There's a Twitter account seemingly run by Gaahl himself. Is it a fake ?

However, these posts made my day:
Dear South American tour venues: just because we are all about satan and hell doesn't mean you shouldn't turn on the AC during our shows.

Packing for tour. I really should think of getting spiked armor and crosses made of a more lightweight material.. this shit is heavy

Lots of people staring at me today. it's like they have never seen a seven foot corpse-painted man with spiked shinguards buy groceries.

well, gorgoroth is hitting the road soon for a long euro tour. so, can anyone feed my cats, goats, pigs, cows & chickens while i am away?

Sorry i haven't twittered in a few days. a giant bear chewed through my generator lines and i could not fix it till he left. bears>satan

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