Saturday, 24 November 2007

Untamed Forces

Despite French strikes in public transport, I still could arrive in time for the Gorgoroth / Enthroned / Tyrant gig. It was easier for me than for a LOT others, because I'm not far away from Pigalle (and for those who don't live in Paris, be aware that Pigalle is not only the famous Paris Red-light district, but also home of many of the best venues in Paris: La Loco, the Elysée Montmartre, The Cigale, the Divan du Monde, the smaller Boule Noire...).

I met some people that had to walk two hours under heavy rain to go the the venue !!! What would you have done ?

Let's say that despite the fact that Gorgoroth has split (Infernus and Gaahl / King ov Hell both going their own ways, and both claiming Gorgoroth band name), the gig was EXCELLENT EXTREME BLACK METAL. They were helped by Teloch (whom I saw when playing with 1349 in June for Hellfest) and Sykelig at guitars, and Nick Barker on drums.

I was just in front of the stage during Gorgoroth performance (in front means here a few centimeters, and yes it was really a performance !!), and I must say that being so close from King ov Hell or Gaahl makes you sometimes ill at ease, especially when Gaahl seems to look at you - not in a very friendly way, this is Black Metal, after all, not a f*** patronage show - with his dark-colored eye... And as Gorgoroth is not only about looks, their music was incredibly powerful.

OK, maybe Gaahl and King ov Hell are not exactly people you would like to socialize with, maybe they are a little crazy, maybe even a little (or more) dangerous, but you can't have everything at the same time folks... What would you think of a Gorgoroth lead singer being sympathetic on stage, talking with the fans, even yelling I love you to the crowd ? Hear me ? Trust me, they are much better that way...

For your information, I shot some pretty interesting pictures of the gig, so stay tuned for a next post about all this ;-)

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