Saturday, 3 November 2007

Enslaved show

Yes I said I would go back on this subject. Here we are !!

It was at La Locomotive, one of the main venues in Paris for extreme Metal shows. It's small compared to others (capacity: 300 people). These bands never make the big big venues in Paris: Le Zenith (6000), Bercy (17.000), or the Stade de France (80.000), hé hé... Which is maybe fortunate because then you can be close to the stage, shake hands with the bands, etc..., and the music is better...

However, the running order was:

I am not a huge fan of Impiety, although I acknowledge their everlasting energy (they are from Singapore !!).
As for Watain, dead rats were hung on inverted crosses (typical) in front of the stage. Let me say that it smelled bad, very bad !!! And I was just in front of the stage...
And at the end of the set, they threw the rats to the public !!! hmm, the little things were more dead than my grand-grand-grand grandfather (what, I'm exaggerating ?), I was fortunate not to be on their course ;-)

Keep of Kalessin were great too !!
A Martyr for Our Race
The main act was Enslaved , they played Path of Vanir, Ruun, all their classics from their last album and more...
Breathing Eternities
A great night !!

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