Tuesday, 13 November 2007

This is extreme metal

Some great quotes from members of 1349 and Neurosis. Here you are:

Frost (1349): "We are not a commercial band, which means that we are not creating music in order to entertain people, we are not creating music to please the record label, and we are not having sales figures in our head when we are making music".

Archaon (1349): "That would restrict the art. I mean we are under present focused on creating what we had a vision of creating, and there's no limits as such from a starting point".

If you think it's just show off, think about that: 1349 choose to play on the smallest stage at Hellfest instead of the main stage, as planned. And all of that because their set was in the middle of the afternoon...

Frost again: "This band is best suited for playing in the dark, so the solution we have found for these festivals, are to play in tent stages if it is during daytime"

Scott Kelly (Neurosis): "If they understood the sacrifice, the commitment, the dedication, our perception of what we’re doing in that like we are very much dedicated to sound"

Yes this is metal.

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