Sunday, 2 September 2007

Japan Japan Japan

Eh, eh, I was in Japan from August 3rd to August 16. In fact, you need one day to go back there - 12 hours of direct flight, and more than one day to go there (7 time zones from Paris).

Japan is great, and it is very very different from any European country you can know of. I'm sure it is also very different from any other Asian country too... It is hyper-modern (sometimes extremely), and at the same time it retains a very particular culture and traditions.
For example... when you go to the toilets in Ryokans, or even in some museums, you must use specific slippers, because toilets are considered as a dirty room.
Toilet slippers in a temple

But Japan is much more than that:
Kiyomizu-dera gate, Kyoto

You maybe have heard of CosPlay or Gothic Lolita girls. You will find a LOT of them in Japan, and not only in Tokyo Harajuku.
Gothic Lolitas, Harajuku
Here you will encounter people going to work in strict costume, people in kimonos,
On the Move
(or even more traditional than that...)
Man in traditional costume, Sensō-ji
young women wearing ultra-short skirts,
Yellow and pink is how they think
young boys and girls in school clothes,
Schoolgirls, Philosopher's Walk
and others in the Japanese version of Punk attire (which is not punk)
Young Japanese on Takeshita Dori
Here they seem to all live in harmony, as shrines can coexist with giant neon buildings.

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