Sunday, 30 September 2007

Insane Beautiful Sunnyday Slaughter

The Week-end in London was great !!

Friday was for resting before the storm... Just watched The Bourne Ultimatum in Leicester square. I always like movies by Paul Greengrass. OK, this movie is a blockbuster, but a blockbuster shot with style. Greengrass is the one who made Bloody Sunday and United 93, remember ? All his movies, even his two Bourne's installments, look as documentaries...

Saturday was the Asphyx show, with Unpure and Razor of Occam, in Brixton. It was great, but unfortunately I decided not to go to the after party show (which was not so close from there, in Camden), because I had the flu, and I had to attend to another gig the next night...).

The next day, it was Gallhammer with Unearthly Trance and Ramesses. The London trip was initially to see Gallhammer on stage, and I was not disappointed !! They are really wild and scary on stage. They are also wild when they are in the public, he he ;-)

Mika Penetrator:
Eye to Eye contact
Vivian Slaughter:
Dark Queen

Gallhammer play Black Metal mixed with parts of Doom, and even Crust Punk, but mainly they sound Black. Sometimes critics say that their sound is overly simple, and that their growling vocals are to "growly". People do not know what they want !! They are great !!

I haven't uploaded the Asphyx pics, but I have some Gallhammer footage here.

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