Thursday, 6 September 2007

Cool people in Takeshita-dori

Takeshita-dori is a small winding street, parallel to Omotesandō, were you can also find a lot of fashion boutiques. The difference is that in Takeshita-dori, a LOT of boutiques sell destroy or extreme Japanese clothes, vaguely in punk or gothic style, but above all Japanese style -which does not need that they sell kimonos). You can see a lot of people going up and down this street: foreigners (though really few of them, as there seems to be NEVER a lot of tourists in Tokyo, except when they are themselves Japanese), women in kimonos, and even young Japanese who try, buy, and wear these strange apparels...

As for all things Japanese, it's not just black T-shirts with regular skulls, or worse exhibition of a red filled circle with a text written on it that says: My brother went to Tokyo and all he bought to me is this lousy T-shirt (this is shit, and for one, I saw no souvenir shops AT ALL in Tokyo). It's... sometimes clothes like this one, with FETISHISM written on it:
Extreme clothes
or these ones, in elegant destroy style (the term is my invention):
Clothes on display, Takeshita Dori
You can also find plenty of the gigantic shoes Gothic girls seem to affectionate here:
Gothic shoes, Takeshita Dori

OK, I wanted to come back with a Tokyo-only shirt or T-shirt (beware of the Japanese sizes). I also bough a LOVELY necklace with skulls as beads, you should see it, it's cool ;-)
I went in one of these little shops. The woman in charge seemed to be 60 years old or so, with gray hair, and totally unremarkable clothes (I'm not saying they were ugly, they were just not at par with whatever was sold in the shop).
A Japanese punk girl with shaved head and with enormous platform shoes was just quitting the shop after trying some clothes. Conversation was at first entirely commercial and a bit dull, and when I was about to leave... she saw my own T-shirt (which I bought on sales in Paris some months ago, it is a Levi-s T-Shirt made by a Norwegian designer, if I remember well):

She was amazed by the drawings, the contrast between the skeleton at the left and the dark girl at the right. She said the drawing was beautiful ;-)
She tried to decipher the Land Of Dark text above, but it was difficult for her to even spell the letters (though she knew enough English to speak with me). I told her how I bought it, and then talk was on. I don't remember all of what we said, but we talked about Japan and Japanese culture, France, etc... At the end, she asked me to come back to see here in her shop if I come back to Tokyo ;-)
This could happen only in Japan ...

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