Saturday, 14 April 2007

Doomed by Bristish Airways (contd)

Remember my first post about my digital camera being stolen on a British Airways flight from Phoenix to Paris ? This is not the end of it...

According to the Montreal Convention, air carriers are strictly liable for proven damages up to 100,000 Special Drawing Rights (about 1200 euros). So BA was responsible for the loss of my camera, and I sent a mail to BA asking them to reimburse me.

Of course, they replied this (translated in English) :
I am sincerely sorry to learn about the loss of your camera, and I thank you for informing me about it.

We take extra care of our passengers personal belongings, but each checked luggage must go under the hands of a lot of different people before being checked in on the plane or checked out after the flight. In the unlikely cases were some articles are lost, it is almost impossible to determine the cause, and because of that, we always recommend to keep in the cabin the objects of value.

I regret not being able to indemnify you for the loss of your camera(...).

Of course, this is not the end of it, as they are trying to escape their responsibilities. And as for the extra care, they lost more luggage per passenger than any other carriers in 2006.

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