Sunday, 1 April 2007

Hotness Prevails

Time for April fools, folks...

"This is me, half naked, because its extremely hot there. It's also extremely hot because I turned on my light, and my lamp, to the highest brightness level because this camera doesn't pick-up light very well, and I had to light myself up. And I...feel like I'm lightning myself up on FIRE".

There is no such thing as an emo person, because every time someone has called someone else an emo, they always deny, even though they listen to emo and their whole culture is emo. If you're calling them emo, they're like : No, I'm not emo, no, no, NO, NO !! There is no actual emo person, it's like a stereotype.

This man is really crazy. This video won the best commentary for youtube 2007 first video awards. To look at all his acts, go to winekone.

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