Saturday, 10 March 2007

Doomed by British Airways

You remember that one week ago, I traveled on behalf of my employer to Phoenix, AZ. Well the carrier was British Airways,and it turned out that this company is maybe one of the greatest corporate suckers earth has ever supported.

As you probably know (or not), you can't bring more than one bag with you when you are going to the USA now (this is another thing that sucks, too). I didn't know that, so I had my laptop bag and another little backpack with me, and in this backpack, among other things, a brand new Canon EOS 400D new digital camera (no way to put it in the laptop bag...).

What did happen ? You already know, when I collected my luggage at Paris Roissy airport, the backpack was not there. I filled a claim to the local British Airways bureau, and... they delivered my backpack only 9 days after, despite numerous phone calls to their dedicated lost baggage phone center (browsing on the web, it seems that NOBODY EVER GET AN ANSWER from them when calling...).

And of course, the bag was empty, no more camera in it...

So in this situation, what can I do (OK, apart from fighting to death to get a full+ reimbursement from the company, which is what I am doing right now) ?

Either day-dreaming of seeing these punks crushed in hell by many Hell Knights, or mercilessly reduced to ashes :

Or screaming for Revolution+Action :

Either way, let's see them rot in hell !!!

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