Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Some Hellfest pictures

It was difficult to go back to reality after this ;-) Hope it was not too difficult for my Japanese (metalheads) friends Dai and Kyoko, who took the plane from Osaka to France (more than 12 hours, plus connexions) just for the festival (I don't forget Aki, who show me such evil pictures of her with Frost, Attila, Necrobutcher, or E). Dai also made amazing pictures from the main stage, he should put them on the net ;-) !!!!

Want some pictures now ?
Mortuus from Marduk, of course !! DOn't you think he announce times of Hell:
Black Metal War Machine
The duo with Allan from Primordial was amazing !!

Kvarforth (Shining) was scary !!
But as usual, the black legions of Watain spread so much evil.
Ashes of my Fallen Temple

(this is only some of the pictures I took there, the whole set is here)

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