Monday, 23 June 2008

Hellfest 2008

Yes this Mayhem had to come to an end. This was a great festival this year too !! My highlights (and biggest deceptions) are:

  • The weather, no rain this time !!! And cold at night, so it was perfect to rest after one exhausting day !!

  • The organization was flawless this year. Obviously the festival team did learn from their mistakes of last year

First day:

  • Alchemist. This band build on atmosphere, and I don't always like that, because it sometime means weak, but not this time. Check them out !!

  • Septic Flesh, excellent Greek black metal

  • Job For a Cowboy. I like their albums, but I did not know how they were on stage. And I can tell you: They are not only buzz, their show was a killer !!!

  • Rotting Christ. It was the second time I saw them, and I can't say they made a strong impression on me...

  • Marduk did not disappoint me, and the duo with Mortuus and Alan (Primordial) was an excellent surprise !!!

  • Testament were alive and kicking, hailz Trash metal !!!

  • Carcass showed that they did not reformed only for money

  • Venom were a big deception for me. How about kitsch ?

Second day:

  • Legion of the Damned. Once more a Trash metal band, but I liked them !!

  • Benighted, an excellent French Brutal Death band

  • I really like Satyricon, and I liked very much this show, with insanely heavy drumming by Frost of course !!!

  • Haemorrhage, funny but excellent Spanish grindcore !!! Are you a pathology ?

  • Shining, this Swedish Black metal band really look dangerous on stage. The singer cut himself on stage, arms bleeding, he threw a cigarette in the middle of the public, he broke a bottle (of Jack Daniels ?) and cut himself with the remains... But they also have a very depressive but heavy sound. A discovery for me !!!

  • The Watain show was just after Shining, but they really offered Black metal to remember (sorry no dead rats on stage this time)

  • Ministry, the show (one the lasts) was excellent, with almost no blanks between the titles

Third day:

  • Origin, insanely fast, insanely good Brutal Death. At one time, someone in the public shouted "faster !!", and the singer answered "faster ?". It was impossible.

  • Primordial, I really like the Celtic / Folk Black metal of this band, and their singer really have an amazing presence on stage !!!

  • Obituary, of course...

  • Dying Fetus. speedy, heavy, full of integrity. And Sean Beasley had a Origin T-shirt ;-)

  • Motörhead, they are always heavy, heavy, HEAVIER

  • Morbid Angel show was faultless

  • And finally, the Slayer show was a bit disappointing, probably because of Tom Araya's voice which seemed to never be really there (ill, maybe ?)

Pictures to come soon...

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