Saturday, 5 April 2008

Galhammer is "Being in a midday nightmare...

...under the scorching sunshine" as Vivian Slaughter said.

Unseeable Shadows

I saw Gallhammer, the all-female Black / Doom / Crust Japanese band, in London on March 12. As for the last time I saw them, it was great !!

Vivian Slaughter, Mika Penetrator, and Risa Reaper are two small Japanese girls. It was funny to see them among some giant Metalheads in the pub aside the venue, jut before the show. On stage, they look scary, with Vivian Slaughter and Risa Reaper slowly (it's part Doom, after all) singing (or more howling), with ultra-grave voices (apart from Risa, the drummer, who have a great ear-piercing voice) their dark songs of despair.


So Fresh and joyous vocals such as:
Suffocate in my hate. Vanish into far away oblivion.
I give you funeral words at the last.
Amen our Father. Death to our Father. May our Father die.

These three pretty girls even look like some sort of ghouls or specters on stage.

I saw cruel reality

In fact... not unlike some old Japanese Ukiyo-e. Japanese artists did not only deal with Mount Fuji or the women of the Floating World. They also drew life into a whole population of monsters, ghosts, specters and ghouls.

I Give you Funeral Words

And if you want to hear a good interview of Gallhammer, check this:

If you really want to know, apart from Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Amebix, Vivian is also a fan of Corrupted, the ultra-Doom band from Osaka.


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