Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Polysics & Shit and Shine

I was at the free Polysics show, two weeks ago during the Villette Sonique festival outdoors, in Paris La Villette. Just before them, that was Shit and Shine, four drummers (!!) and two bassists for a heavy metallic jam (this was not heavy metal in the traditional meaning of the term, but yes it was metallic and yes it was heavy).

You really should see Polysics on stage once, they are really crazy, they are between punk (Japanese, this is energy without the no future stanza, and without the safety pins), synth, videogames, and manga, all of that toppled by an everlasting energy !!! With their outfits, their attitude, and their looks, their gigs look also a bit as artistic performances (without the yawns).

I've shot a lot of pics of them, I just couldn't stop, I was at merely 10 cm from the stage and they fed me (and others) with their eccentric energy.
The whole set is here. I propose you look at them while hearing I My Me Mine, for example, to be in the mood (hum, this stuff could not be further apart from jazz).

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