Saturday, 30 June 2007

Korn suckers

I am sure every true metalhead already know that Korn, this fake neo-something band, are not playing really metal.

Until now, it was only about their music. Now read this and you will understand why they suck big time.

They were one of the big bands that would play June, Friday 22 at the French extreme metal festival HellFest (I was there, but I had no intention to see them on stage).

They were anxious about the heavy rain (it rained a lot most of the time during the festival), and they asked the festival organization to be sure that their wages have been paid. The management showed them the bank accounts proofs, and they said that they would make it. But at 19:30, a few hours before their planned gig, they leaved like thieves in their tour bus, without warning the organization about their departure.

The HellFest organization is currently putting this in front of some London jurisdiction court.

Needless to say, they were the only band (I am not saying metal band, see above) which canceled their gig. Emperor and Neurosis played the last night under buckets of rain without any problems. But them are true metal bands.

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