Sunday, 10 May 2009

This is a long time...

...without any post. Considering the excellent gigs where I have been the last months.

Shining was playing at Glaz'art in Paris (a space increasingly used for extreme metal shows) on March 2, with support from Sarkom and Koldbrann. Shining was as good as ever. And if you really want to know, this time Kvarforth did not cut himself but burned himself with cigarette butts.
However, I was impressed by Koldbrann, a raw Norwegian Black Metal band, faithful to the beginnings of the genre. You should check their 2006 album Moribund for example, after seeing them I bought it from amazon of course !!!

And in the middle of April I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Inferno Festival in Oslo. This is a great festival, this is (very well) organized indoors in a building in the center of Oslo with two venues. Obviously, this is a Norwegian festival, so you have to expect a lot of Black Metal. Such as Carpathian Forest as headliners, ending the festival on the big stage !!! A sick performance !!
Carpathian Forest
Carpathian Forest
Or Pantheon I, their performance on the small stage was excellent !!
Pantheon I
By the way, Koldbrann were there too, and on the big stage!! Their performance was really really good, with a support from Kvarforth himself.
It was their big day, they ended destroying on stage a part of their gear. But I can assure you that their whole set was not only showoff, this band is really very good.

There were a lot of other Black Metal bands there, such as Krypt, Code, Root, Kampfar, Troll. I was even able to see King Ov Hell without corpse paint on stage, performing with Sahg. A great festival, the only downside being the fact that all is expensive here in Norway ;)

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