Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Light fails once and forever

Hmm, maybe I must get rid of this habit of quoting Extreme Metal songs (I started to do it to provide titles for my pics on my flickr site..). It started after this excellent gig in Paris (really a milepost in metal shows this year). I think my best was for this picture of Vivian Slaughter, frontwoman of the Japanese Black/ Doom Metal band Gallhammer (OK, this time, the quote was much more "classic").

As for the quote for today, it's from the French Black Metal band (yes, yes, Black again, and maybe satanist too this time, what is important after all is the music, and YES, this is music, and YES, we are some here to think that it is very good music ...) Arkhon Infaustus. It comes from Behind the Husk of Faith, one of the songs from their last album, Orthodoxyn. Try When They Have Called, on their myspace page...

Apart from that, it just happens that I was at the Enslaved / Keep of Kalessin / Watain / Impiety show in Paris last night. It was a great night, but I will go back on that subject later guys, i have things to do now ;-)

Update: the wikipedia entry for Arkhon Infaustus might disappear if we don't do anything about it. What can we do ? Simple, expand the article and add references to third-party sources to establish the band's notability. And don't laugh please. Notability is relative. Never expect Black Metal bands to have say the popularity of Korn, these suckers (not that I had any intention to see them at Hellfest).

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